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Quality assurance is strictly bounded
to material control but also to production method
and to fittings design.

FITTINOX is not a copycat manufacturer.
Our calculation
and design method is recognized
by main Engineering Companies
and proven by Burst Test
and F.E.M. analysis

Our branch connections have been designed according to:
ASME B31.1, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, ASME Sect. VIII & ASME Sect. I
(in case of specif applications the outlet
would be completely re-engineered)
Space and welding problem? Nipoflanges,
PAD flanges and other Weld-IN
and Weld-ON fittings are a common reality
since long time but in same cases you need innovative solutions:
discuss with us explore with us which technical possibility
we have to make you more competitive
and your plant more compact, reliable and safer.

is the abbreviation
the main material
worked here at the beginning of our history.

was born in summer 1977 starting from
Mr Nereo Trabacchi idea

to be a leading manufacturer
in the market of “quality”;
our market focus,
earlier pointed exclusively
on nuclear power plant,
moved to conventional

Quality care and attention never changed.
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